• When is the CQA meeting is held?
8.30, First Tuesday of every month
• How should I submit a Memo to CQA meeting?
Send through the Dean, at least one week before the CQA meeting
• Do I need to send a soft copy as well?
Yes, a soft coy and five hard copies if the supporting document/s is/are to be submitted for Senate approval.
• When will I get the decision of Senate/Council decision of a Senate/Council paper related to my memo?
Normally, within a week of the receipt of Senate/Council decision by the CQA.
• Where I can find the ToR of the IQAC?
Refer CQA By-Laws
• How the Chair of the IQAC is appointed?
On the recommendations of the Faculty Board, by the Senate
• How an additional member is appointed to the IQAC?
Send a memo to the CQA, with recommendations of the Faculty Board.
• How to get financial assistance for Faculty-level QA through CQA?
Submit a brief concept paper along with the budget, at least two months before the proposed date of the activity.
• How many IQAC meetings should be conducted?
At least 10 per year.
• Should IQACs send its minutes to the CQA?
• Yes, there is an agenda item.
• How often a programme should be revised
At least every five years.
• What is the procedure of introducing a new degree programme?
At least every five years.

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