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    The main functions of the General administration Branch are handling the services and maintenance works of the University.

    Here are the main functions of the branch in summary.

    • Providing and coordinating transport facility
    • Coordinating Private Janitorial Service
    • Coordinating Private Security Service
    • Coordinating Postal Services
    • Coordinating Annual Verification of the University and Disposal of the discarded items
    • Handling related matters of Bachelor Quarters, Family Quarters, Guest house and Vice Chancellor’s Lodge
    • Coordinating all the functions and maintenance of the Rabindranath Tagore Auditorium
    • Vehicle maintenance/registration/Insurance
    • Maintenance and repairing of machines and equipment
    • Leasing / Purchasing/Hiring Buildings & Lands
    • Termite control and pest control in the University premises.
    • Cutting trees and other maintenance.
    • Payment of telephone bills / electricity bills / Internet bills / water bills and related matters
    • Reimbursement of telephone bills of the eligible staff.
    • Providing direct telephone connections
    • Handheld Transceiver System repairing, servicing and renewing annual license
    • Fixing Curtains & Carpets
    • Supplies and installation fire extinguisher and repairing & service
    • Fixing Name boards at the University Premises
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