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    • Development of  comprehensive programmes to improve the welfare facilities of students based on the human and physical resources available  in the University of Ruhuna.  
    • Calling applications to provide hostel facilities, selecting students for hostels, providing hostel facilities, fulfilling the needs of the hostels .ensure that hostels and students canteens are managed and maintained properly with the assistance of the Wardens ,Sub wardens ,Senior Assistant Registrar/Students affair, Public Health Inspector and other relevant officers.
    • Registration of students' union, student committees, student’s welfare societies and subject societies, and activities related to Bursary, Mahapola Scholarship, University Grant Commission Scholarships and other scholarships.
    • Proctor ,Deputy Proctor ,Senior Student Counselor and Student Counselors  and Develop and conduct necessary programs and Counselling of Students and maintenance of student discipline.
    • Develop and implement suitable programs of activities together with relevant staff and institution in promoting the engagement of student of extra-curricular activities  and fostering their intellectual and spiritual development.
    • Assist ,improve and strengthen the programs conducted by students unions,societies ,circles and clubs etc and ensure that office bearers carry out responsibilities entrusted to them.
    • Support security services maintain of university premises
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