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    As per the sections 38, in the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978 and subsequent amendments, the Bursar is responsible for the administration of the finance of the university and maintain its accounts in such form and manners as may be prescribed by rules. The Bursar shall have the custody of the funds of the University and exercises the following powers and duties as per the section 100-106 of the university act.

    • To keep accounts of the university.
    • To receive all moneys paid into the University fund and to credit all such moneys to the proper heads of accounts.
    • To make all authorized payments.
    • To prepare Annual statement of accounts.


    The office of the bursar coordinates following activities.

    • Preparation of Annual & quarterly Financial Statements.
    • Preparation of Annual programme budget, and maintaining budgetry control.
    • Preparation of the fixed assets register.
    • Financial Reporting to regulatory authorities & management.
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