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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to collect a degree certificate
    • Degree certificate is issued on weekdays during office hours.
    • Documents needed
      1. Student record book
      2. Certificate of handing over the cloak and garland.
    1. How to get a detailed certificate.
    • Download an application form from examination branch website.
    • Duly completed clearance form
    • Prescribed fees to be credited at the people’s bank.
    • Submit the application by registered post or hand over to the examination branch.
    1. How to verify grades / marks.
    • Download the application form
    • Duly completed application form along with the Prescribed fees
    • Hand over it to the examination branch or the relevant faculty (of which the notice was published) before the dead line.
    1. How to find your results:
    • Notice board
    • Management Information System of the faculty
    • From dean’s office of the relevant faculty
    5. To certify a Certificate as a true copy

    The applicant shall physically bring the original academic documents to Examinations Division, University of Ruhuna in order to certify as true. 

    Rs. 250.00 will be charged for an Attestation copy of the degree certificate  
    Rs. 100.00 will be charged for an attestation of a copy of a Certificate.

    Any request regarding course units should be submitted through DR/SAR/AR  of the relevant faculty.  
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