Where MBLFU is located?
    The Unit is located near the Old Administrative Block, Wellamadama. Separate sub units are established in outside faculties such as Karapitiya, Hapugala, Mapalana and Karagoda.
    Who is the In-Charge of MBLFU?
    How can I inform a repair or a fault?
    Why my unit experienced a few power outages in quick sessions? Is it normal?
    My Office door is locked. How can I fix it?
    How can I get an uninterrupted power supply for an important event?
    I need to borrow some equipment for an experiment/student activity, How can I get them?
    Do you issue equipment for students or student unions?
    We have a faculty event, Will you attend to put flags.
    How can I attend to repair faults at Marriage Quarters?
    How Can I contact Works Engineer or his office?
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