Tel : 009441-2227701 [Ext -  2140 / Branch 2124]



    • Recruitment of permanent  executive  and non-academic  staff
    • Maintaining the personal files of the executive  and non-academic staff
    • Confirmations of the staff
    • Promotions
    • All matters relating to leave of the executive and non-academic staff
    • Granting annual increments
    • Salary revisions
    • Service reports & Confidential reports
    • Providing details for Annual report/ statistics
    • Internal & External Transfers
    • Retirements, Resignations & Vacation of Post
    • Releasing terminal benefits such as Provident fund, Pension fund, E.T.F, Gratuity
    • Management of cadre book for whole university.
    • Issuing of service reports & confidential reports for the non-academic staff
    • Issuing University Identity Cards for the permanent non-academic staff
    • Facilitating training programs.

    Contact Us:

    Senior Assistant Registrar

    Non Academic Establishment Division

    University of Ruhuna



    Sri Lanka

    Tel : 009441-2227701 [Ext -  2140 / Branch 2124]

    E mail- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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