TP:   041-2227001  Ext.; 2144  ,041-2227002-05  Branch : Extension - 2136


    1. Recruitment of Academic Staff and Academic Support Staff to the University through newspaper advertisement

    Requirements; Applicant should follow up the instructions published by the newspaper advertisement and Web site for further information

    Eg. Prescribed application form, certified true copies of     degree/postgraduate degree certificates and detailed sheet of first degree.

    2. Confirmation procedures of newly recruited staff.
    3. Promotion procedures of academic staff members
    4. Recruitment to the post of Professor/Promotion to the Post of Professor
    5. Awarding Emeritus Professor Status
    6. Recruitment to the post of Librarian
    7. Recruitment to the post of Assistant Librarian
    8. Recruitment for the Academic Support Staff grades
    9. Confirmation and placement of Efficiency Bar Examinations of Academic Support Staff grades
    10. Promotion procedures of Academic Support Staff grades
    11. Placement of U-AC 3 (III) Salary Scale;
    12. Placement of suitable salary scales
    13. Placement of entitled salary increments
    14.Processing Leave applications to Leave & Awards Committee And Processing Online Leave Approval System
    15. Processing Leave for approval of the Council
    16. Processing foreign leave for approval of the Ministry of Higher Education – Through Online leave approval system
    17. Provision of University Travel Grant
    18. Granting Air tickets for staff members
    19. Completion of Bond Formalities
    20. Recovering Bond by bond violators
    21. Appointment of Visiting Lecturers/Visiting English Instructors / Visiting Instructors in Physical Education
    22. Appointing Dean of the Faculty
    23. Appointing Head of the Department
    24. Appointing Director for Units
    25. Awarding Emeritus Professor status
    26. Holding Scholarship Committees
    27. Maintaining data bases
    28. Provisions of Service Certificates and letters for Visa Officers of concerned countries visit by academic/academic support staff members
    29. Processing applications for Motor Vehicle Permit (ANNEXED)
    30. Processing Housing Loan applications
    31. Procedures for Long term Services awards
    32. Processing Gratuity payments
    33. Release of Employees Trust Fund
    34. Release of University Provident Fund
    35. Instructions to forward applications
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