Memorandum of Understandings signed with foreign Universities/Institutes


    Name of the MoU

    1.      Guizhou Academy of sciencs(GAS) China & University of Ruhuna

    2.     MoU Between Asian Development center & University of Ruhuna

    3.     MoU Between Okyama University, Japan & & University of Ruhuna

    4.    Mou Between Graduate School of Chanese Academy of Agriculture & UoR

    5.     MoU with North South University of Bangladesh & University of Ruhuna

    6.     MoU Between UoR &Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI), Israel & University of Ruhuna

    7.     MoU with University of  Cardiff Metropolitan & & University of Ruhuna

    8.     MoU Between Chulabhorn Graduate Institute Thailand & & University of Ruhuna

    9.    MoU Between University of Northumbria, Newcastle and Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna

    10.  MoU Between Gaizhou Aerospace Intelligent Agriculture Co.Ltd & University of Ruhuna

    11.   MoU with Faculty of Management,  University of Ruhuna and University of prešov,Slovakia

    12.  MoU Between University of Southern Queensland, Australia & University of Ruhuna

    13.  MoU- Industry Partnership Programme Between Appylause Systems LLP India & University of Ruhuna

    14. MoU with Curtin University, Australia & University of Ruhuna

    15.  Collaborative Partnership with South Ural State University, Russia & University of Ruhuna

    16.  MoU between center for Crop Germplasm Resources, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China & University of Ruhuna

    17.  MoU and Cotutelle Agreement between the University of Ruhuna, and RMIT University, Australia

    18.  EoI to be Partnered with ‘Meththa Foundation’ UK and University of Salford, UK

    19.  Collaboration between the Russian University of Transport (MIIT) and  & University of Ruhuna

    20.MOU between the cochin University of Science and Technology of India & University of Ruhuna

    21.  MOU between University of Ruhuna and University of Teheran, Iran 

    22. MOU between University of Ruhuna and Vellore Institute of Technology, India

    23. MOU between Faculty of Agriculture University of Ruhuna and Graduate School of Agriculture of the Ryukyus, Japan

    24.  MOU between University of Saitama and the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna

    25. Material Transfer Agreement University of Ruhuna and Grasslanz Technology limited of New Zealand

    26. Agreement of Students and Staff exchange with the University of Szczecin, poland

    27. Agreement on academic Exchange Between Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna and Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University, Thailand

    28. Collaboration with Moscow State University (MSU) on Sinhala Language

    29.Memorandum of Agreement and Internship Agreement in Related to the Internship Training for Nursing Students in Japan  

    30. MoU between Faculty of  Agriculture & SYNTREX SOLUTION (PVT) LTD

    31.  MoU for Cooperation and Collaboration in the Field of Higher Education between the UGC of Bangladesh and the UGC of Sri Lanka

    32. MoU  between UoR , Sri Lanka and Kharazmi University ,Iran

    33. MoU  with University of Stravanger ,Norway

    34.MoU between Hokaido Bunkyo University, Japan and UoR

    35. MoU between University of Ruhuna & International Cultural Communication Center, Malaysia

    36. Signing of MoU between University of Ruhuna and National Cheng kung University, Republic of China (Taiwan)


    Agreements signed with foreign Universities/Institutes


    Name of the Agreement and the  partner organization

    1.      INNOTAL Project (COPY)

    2.     RecoASIA Project

    3.     Erasmus Mundus Funded Joint Master (Tropimundo)

    4.    Dired Fish Matters (DFM)

    5.     Project on BRITAE

    6.     EUSL-Energy Project

    7.     Colloboration with fundacao University, Brazil

    8.     SEDRIC @ SRILANKA Project

    9.    IncEdu Project

    10.  Proposal for Erasmus + KA2 CBHE non academic staff  training (ENACT)

    11.   ACIAR Project

    12.  EngInes Protect

    13.  TESS Project

    14. Requesting permission to accept funds to conduct a Technical Corporation Project (Mahidol)

    15.  THREE Lanka Project(Faculty of Engineering)

    16.  (CCA-DRR) Projrct Under Erasmus+ Key Action – Mobility for learners and staff – Higher Education Students and Staff Mobility

    17.  Partnership Agreement Between Mid Sweden University , Sweden and University of Ruhuna – SECRA Project

    18.  nEUROcare Project (Faculty of Allied Health Sciences)

    19.  Collaborative research study between University of Ruhuna and Thammasat University,Thailand (SPRAC)

    20.Unite4Resilience Project (Collaboration agreement between Salford University, UK and UoR)

    21.  Consortum Agreement between the Artic University of Norway (UiT) and the University of Ruhuna ,the University of Jaffana & National Aquatic Resources Research & Development Agency

    22.Signing an agreement between Minsheng Pharma ,China and UoR


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