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    Center for international affairs (CINTA) is the international window of the University of Ruhuna to expand her ever expanding and boundless teaching, research and outreach activities through foreign collaborations. And it’s the first point of contact and also the first point of information, support and facilitation for all foreign collaborators. On the top of that, CINTA’s role expands into the extension and expose of the University of Ruhuna into the global university system, but also to provide attractive packages and attract foreign scientists, researchers and academics to the University of Ruhuna.

     CINTA mandated to create new values befitting the new era and foster flexible and dynamic talented equipped academics and researchers to cope with all future challenges. Understanding all these responsibilities, CINTA switched into a fast tract move by sorting out all minor issues and streamlining its role in order to provide user friendly environment to support smooth working environment for all foreign collaborators.

    With this background we cordially invite potential and interested foreign counterparts to join with the University of Ruhuna through an array of opportunities we have opened to establish collaborations through research, teaching and learning, staff exchange, interns and volunteer basis. To facilitate that we have a diverse package of faculties, departments, academics, research groups and programs, well established in a tropical, island nation that also provide a unique tropical marine and terrestrial touch any foreign visitor expect to spend their leisure time. 

    We have provided you a breathtaking package filled with all ingredients, Join and Let’s embark on this journey together.


    Professor. P.B. Terney Pradeep Kumara (Ph.D., CEnvP)
    Professor. P.B. Terney Pradeep Kumara (Ph.D., CEnvP)Director/ Center for international affairs (CINTA)

    Professor in Oceanography

    Department of Oceanography and Marine Geology

    University of Ruhuna, Matara 81000,  Sri Lanka.

    Off  00 94 41 22 27026


    Center for International Affairs (CINTA)

    University of Ruhuna, Matara 81000,  Sri Lanka.

    dcinta@admin.ruh.ac.lk, cinta@admin.ruh.ac.lk

    Off  00 94 41 22 27001

    Mobile. 00 94 715 169 820

     Mr. Uchitha Wijesinghe
    Mr. Uchitha Wijesinghe Member
    Department of Marketing 
    Faculty of Management and Finance 
    Mr. I.R. Priyantha
    Mr. I.R. PriyanthaMember
    Senior Lecturer
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 
    Tel 0714572448
    Dr. Thamudi Sundarapperuma
    Dr. Thamudi Sundarapperuma Member
    Senior Lecturer
    Department of Nursing
    Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
    Tel +94-912243241

    e-mail thamudids@ahs.ruh.ac.lk / chamudi2006@yahoo.com

    Prof. Arosha Disanayake
    Prof. Arosha Disanayake Member
    Department of Medicine
    Faculty of Medicine
    Tel: 0773044370
    Dr. Thissa Karunarathne
    Dr. Thissa Karunarathne Member
    Senior Lecturer
    Department of Bio systems Technology 
    Faculty of Technology 
    e-mail: thissa@btec.ruh.ac.lk 
    Dr. Anuga Liyanage
    Dr. Anuga Liyanage Member
    Department of Agricultural Biology 
    Faculty of Agriculture 
    Senior Professor P. Mangala C.S. De Silva
    Senior Professor P. Mangala C.S. De Silva Member
    Faculty of Graduate Studies
    Tel (41) 203-3271 /Ext. 12400
    e-mail: chathura@zoo.ruh.ac.lk
    Dr. U.A.D. Jayainghe
    Dr. U.A.D. Jayainghe Member
    Senior Lecturer/Head
    Department of Limnology and Water Technology
    Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology
    e-mail: asanka@fish.ruh.ac.lk
    Prof. G.D.K. Mahanama
    Prof. G.D.K. Mahanama Member
    Department of Physics
    Faculty of Science
    e-mail: mahanama@phy.ruh.ac.lk


    Mrs. H.G. Nilanthi Devika
    Mrs. H.G. Nilanthi DevikaDeputy Registrar
    BA (Kelaniya, Sri Lanka) MA (Ruhuna, Sri Lanka) MPA (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
    Ext.-12107 Mobile: +94 70 231 4646 
    E-mail – devika@admin.ruh.ac.lk , cinta@admin.ruh.ac.lk
    Mr. H.H.Deshan Maduranga
    Mr. H.H.Deshan MadurangaWorks Aid
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