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    Since its inception, the University of Ruhuna (UoR) has grown to become one of the renowned higher education institutions in Sri Lanka. The University is committed to continuing on its path to becoming an internationally recognized university incorporating global elements into research and curricula and transform itself from being Sri Lankan to becoming global.

    In recent years, the University of Ruhuna has enhanced its global presence with significant increases in its collaborative and partner universities around the world. The Center for International Affairs (CINTA) was established to act as a bridge between the University of Ruhuna and Universities/Institutes and other entities around the globe. So far, the center has made significant contributions to raise the university's international profile by establishing partnerships and collaborations while providing extensive supports to international student/staff exchanges.

    The center supports all Departments/Units and other entities of the University with the wide array of international activities of the staff and students increasing University’s competitiveness in the world education. These initiatives are underpinned by a variety of academic, economic, political, social and cultural motivations where Supportive policies and frameworks have been put in place. The center expects to perform its activities in line with the University’s internationalization strategy. We sincerely look forward to having every one of you who are interested in becoming part of our academic community, to initiate more partnerships and cross-border activities together.


    Professor K. L. Wasantha Kumara
    Professor K. L. Wasantha Kumara Director (Part time)
    Department of Agricultural Biology, Faculty of Agriculture
    PhD (Bangalore, India); MSc (Peradeniya, Sri Lanka); BSc (Ruhuna, Sri Lanka)
    Tel: +94 41 2227001 Ext.-2153 Mobile - +94718116968
    e-mail –wasanthk2011@gmail.com
    Dr. Tharaka Wijesundara Member
    Department of Marketing
    Faculty of Management & Finance
    Tel: 0718463656 / 0776032588
    Ms. Indu Gamage Member
    Department of English Language Teaching
    Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
    Tel: 0718140327
    Ms. K.A.K.D. Wijesekara Member
    Department of Pharmacy
    Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
    Tel: 0719410418 / 0770544873
    Prof. V.S. Jayamanne
    Prof. V.S. Jayamanne Member
    Department of Food Science & Technology
    Faculty of Agriculture
    Tel: 0775543028 / 0711246419
    Prof. K.B.Suneetha Gunawickrama
    Prof. K.B.Suneetha Gunawickrama Member
    Department of Zoology
    Faculty of Science
    Tel: 0715359206
    Dr. B.A.D.S. Wimalasena
    Dr. B.A.D.S. Wimalasena Member
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
    Faculty of Engineering
    Tel: 0762801293
    Dr. Arosha Disanayake
    Dr. Arosha Disanayake Member
    Department of Medicine
    Faculty of Medicine
    Tel: 0773044370
    Dr. Praveen Janantha Member
    Department of Engineering Technology
    Faculty of Technology
    Tel: 0705950094
    Dr. K.H.M.A. Deepananda Member
    Department of Fisheries and Aqua Culture
    Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology
    Tel: 071-8613477
    Prof. Mirani Weerasooriya Member
    Department of Parasitology
    Faculty of Graduate Studies
    Tel: 0777903442
    Mrs. S.Sharaniha
    Mrs. S.SharanihaAssistant Registrar
    B.Sc in Agriculture(University of Jaffna)
    Tel: +94 41 2227001 Ext.-2153
    Mobile: +94773603566
    Mr. H.H.Deshan Maduranga
    Mr. H.H.Deshan MadurangaWorks Aid
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
    Faculty of Engineering
    Tel: 0762801293
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