Centre for International Affairs (CINTA) of University of Ruhuna was established to facilitate all matters related to international affairs covering different Faculties and entities. Therefore, is the international arm of the University of Ruhuna undertaking all its activities under the direct guidance of the Vice Chancellor.

    There has been a considerable increase in the number of foreign students seeking short term academic training and research opportunities at this University in the recent past. Besides, the University has also appointed several internationally renowned scientists as visiting and Adjunct Professors of the University. The academic staff of the University of Ruhuna has won number of highly competitive research grants and established partnerships with large number of Universities around the world for educational and research collaborations. Therefore, it became necessary to have an Institutional Structure to cater to the needs of increasing number of foreign students and staff coming to the University for academic and research purposes and support students and staff visiting overseas Universities for educational and research purposes.

    Considering those requirements Center for International Affairs was established in year 2005 by the decision of 119th Senate of University of Ruhuna held on 17th August 2005.

    The center is currently operating under a Director (Part time) appointed by the Council of the University with the support of an Assistant registrar, a Management Assistant, and a works aid.

    With the council decision at its 397th meeting held on 09th December 2019 it was decided to appoint Board of Management of CINTA with representatives from all the Faculties of University of Ruhuna taking in to consideration of involvement of different Faculties in the process, need of transparency of its activities, and knowing the requirement of quick and effective communications between Departments/Units/Faculties with CINTA,

    The main functions undertaken by the CINTA at present include facilitating and furthering contacts and cooperation between academic, research and other international professional associations, establishment of formal relationships and partnerships with universities and other entities around the world, academic and student exchanges, attracting and facilitating international students and handling foreign funded projects, etc. Most of these activities are originated at Faculty levels and CINTA plays a facilitators role to assist those Faculties, Units, Divisions, individual academics, and students.

    Prof. A.J. Ruhunuhewa was the first Director of the Center for International Affairs and Mrs. Jagathi Hemmali served as the Assistant Registrar of the center at that time. Then Prof. N.J de S. Amarasinghe and Prof. Tilak P.D. Gamage have been serving as the Directors of CINTA. Currently, Prof. K.L. Wasantha Kumara is serving as the Director (Part time) of Center for International Affairs accepting this position in July 2019.

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