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    About Us

    The main aim of the Physical Education Unit is to produce graduates with good physical and mental standing who possess good leadership qualities and obey common decisions and the law of the nation. Thus, the unit facilitates and encourages many physical education and sports activities.

    The University possesses a large Gymnasium which is the third best in Sri Lanka with seating capacity for 3000 spectators. Training facilities for many indoor sports activities are available for students after 12.00 p.m. every week day. The University Playground was commissioned in 1998 and many outdoor sports activities are supported there.

    The faculties located outside the main campus are provided with some indoor and outdoor sports facilities.


    University of Ruhuna Shines at SLUG 2023 - A Recap of Achievements

    The XIV SLUG Tournament, held from July 8th to September 8th at Eastern University, marked a remarkable journey for the University of Ruhuna. Our university secured 7th place out of 16 participating universities, mirroring our performance in the 2019 SLUG. However, the 2023 SLUG brought with it a significant improvement in overall points, with a notable increase from 201 points in 2019 to an impressive 263.5 points.

    Key Highlights from SLUG 2023:

    Men's Swimming Championship: The University of Ruhuna once again clinched the Men's Swimming Championship, showcasing our consistent excellence in aquatic sports.

    Podium Finishes: Our athletes displayed unwavering commitment and exceptional skills, earning second, third, and fourth place in various sports.

      Second Places:

         - Beach Volleyball

         - Volleyball (Men's)

         - Elle (Men's)

       Third Places:

         - Basketball (Men's)

         - Chess (Men's)

         - Rowing (Men's)

       Fourth Places:

         - Volleyball (Women's)

         - Hockey (Women's)

         - Baseball (Men's)

         - Weightlifting (Women's)

         - Taekwondo (both Men's and Women's)

         - Road Race (Men's)

    We congratulate all our athletes for their remarkable achievements and the pride they bring to the University of Ruhuna.

    For more details and highlights from SLUG 2023, stay tuned to our website, where we will continue to celebrate the success and dedication of our athletes. Their achievements inspire us all and remind us of the excellence that defines the University of Ruhuna.

    Sports & Games Offered

    • Track & Field  (Men & Women)
    • Volleyball (Men & Women)
    • Badminton (Men & Women)
    • Table Tennis (Men & Women)
    • Elle (Men & Women)
    • Hockey (Men & Women)
    • Chess (Men & Women)
    • Basketball (Men & Women)
    • Swimming (Men & Women)
    • Rugger (Men)
    • Football (Men)
    • Rowing (Men & Women)
    • Cricket (Men)
    • Wrestling (Men)
    • Weight Lifting (Men & Women)
    • Road Race (Men)
    • Netball(Women)
    • Taekwondo(Men & Women)
    • Carrom (Men & Women)
    • Base ball (Men)
    • Karate (Men & Women)
    • Tennis (Men & Women)
    • Beach Volleyball (Men)
    • Kabadi (Men)
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