Following services are provided for students to develop/enhance their physical and mental health.

    1. Organize annual inter faculty fresher’s meet (covers about 10 sports)
    2. Organize annual inter faculty sports meet (covers 21sports)
    3. Select qualified students for particular sports and enhance their knowledge and positive attitude.
    4. Facilitate sportswear and equipment to all sports for annual inter university tournament.
    5. Provide post workout nutrient for all students in sports pools
    6. Provide subsistence for team players when official sports events are held outside the university
    7. Direct players who show outstanding performance to international sports meets (World University
    8. Sport festival, Asian University Sport meet, South Asian Games, Sri Lanka University team)
    9. Organize biennial “University Colours Nite” which recognizes students who excel in sports events.
    10. Direct players for Sri Lanka University Sport Association (SLUSA) Colours Ceremony.
    11. Conduct invitational sports tournaments.
    12. Conduct sports courses in Faculty of Science and in few other faculties
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